My interest in the deaf world began many years ago, and I always wanted to know more about that new world.

Every new study convinces me that deaf people are not disabled. Their only barrier is the impossibility of communication through oral language. They are capable of doing everything, even communicating, not by speaking, but by ASL (American Sign Language), which allows them to express everything they think and feel.

Did you know that there is a University for the deaf, where the hearing are minorities? Did you know that there is a deaf actor, a deaf surfer, a deaf woman who became a miss, a deaf teacher, a deaf driver? Did you know that some of the hearing impaired people sometimes prefer to switch off their hearing aid because they prefer silence? If not, you will know from this blog!

From these and other discoveries, came to me the desire to share with you all this through this blog. I am not an expert and I am not deaf, but besides being an interpreter, I am a curious person fascinated by the “Silent World”.

Deaf culture, breaking paradigms, different realities (diversity among people with hearing impairment), science and deafness, research articles, laws, reports, tips of videos, movies and other blogs, all this will be part of the content of this blog, always aiming to show the many different possibilities so that the reader can make their own conclusions.

Now I invite you to watch this short video that shows what “a day through a deaf person’s eyes” is like. See you on the next post!



6 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. I thought this was a very interesting post.. It made me think about deaf people and the deaf people I have encountered. I think learning sign language is very cool, and I can appreciate how much time and effort it takes learning a new language.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, learning sign language is very cool and challenging. I am still learning English, but I can tell you that sign language is harder because you really need to have a good memory as the language is 100% visual, different from any other, but I love it and I am pretty sure I will achieve all my goals. See you.


  2. Great job! This is a very interesting topic to read about. I’ve thought about taking some sign language courses in the past but have not be able to yet. I’m glad this world has interpreters like yourself and are able to help those who are deaf.


  3. #CS5711 As I was reviewing blogs, I noticed you had quite a number of comments, and that is what caught my interest. I like your blog, it is a very interesting subject. An individual who is not deaf, however, wants to understand the world of silence. Not just silence but everything associated to it. The way you feel, sense, sight, taste, even talk, is taken to a heightened level. I wouldn’t mind to learn how to achieve those new attributes without losing my hearing, but to be in the world of silence is hard to comprehend.


  4. I really enjoyed this post, Renato! I especially enjoyed the video you posted. It’s interesting to see the little differences in everyday life for a deaf person. I’m looking forward to following your blog and learning more about deaf culture. #CS5711


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