The inclusion and expression of the deaf through art

In this context, the arts, especially the visual ones, appear as a channel capable of generating changes. The image, conceived by photography, videos or paintings, for example, can be used as a powerful pedagogical and communication tool. It communicates from the moment it is thought, produced, until it is contemplated by other people, causing reactions, reflections and different feelings. In the case of deaf people, visual stimuli are even more important because they are their main way of communicating with the world, since their eyes also play the role of the ears. In addition, participation in cultural activities stimulates creativity and critical thinking, contributing to the development of each one.
With the creation of images and the dissemination of them, deaf people assume the role of producers of cultural goods. They thus introduce their discourses into society, giving visibility to themes that are important to them, exposing their ideas and conceptions of the world. Through art, the deaf dialogue not only with their families and close people, but also with the society in which they are inserted. This takes even greater proportions with the internet, which goes beyond any geographical boundary. There is, therefore, a democratization of information, through the insertion of the discourse of groups that are historically excluded from the traditional means of communication. Therefore, it is extremely important to create and develop initiatives that use art to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities.
Finally, the democratization of culture enriches the country’s cultural production and benefits everyone. This is, however, only the first step in the search for a fairer model of society. It is necessary to realize the need to create opportunities for people to grow, consequently causing the development of society as a whole. It is not just living with difference, but valuing it.


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