The role of the family to the deaf

The family, in general, plays the role of caring, promoting health, well-being and giving protection. In a family with deaf children, it must be added the learning of another language, the ASL – American Sign Language. It is through communication that the human being integrates, participates, coexists and socializes within the family. In this process, the family appears as the great responsible, because it is in it that begins the first formation of the human being. For this to happen, it is necessary to establish a common language channel.

The family in a unique way must establish its role in the formation of individuals. The first steps for the natural and social development of the human being are given within the family, as it constitutes the first group in which the child is inserted and has his first experiences and interpersonal relationships.

The first relations of affection of the children come from the parents, and this conviviality will be responsible for future behaviors in the social environment, allowing or not their adaptation. This role of the family will help the child to form a unique personality, develop his self-image and relate to society.

The family acts not only in the physical, emotional and social support of its members, but also clarifies what is better or worse for its growth, and it is the responsibility of the family to provide quality of life to them. The care provided by the family constitute strategies that favor human development as they provide love, affection, protection and security within a space of inclusion and welcome to the children.

The main satisfaction of the children is to have a good relation between the members of the family, because this relation plays an important role for the psychic performance and, consequently, in the other phases of life. In the family relationship process, communication favors the understanding of the doubts, the demonstration of affection and love, among other things.

In conclusion, the family is the first and most important process in the success of their deaf children.


1 thought on “The role of the family to the deaf”

  1. Great Blog! I really think you are doing a wonderful job by giving out information on what it is like to be deaf, and how people can be more understanding. I agree that family plays such a big role in how the deaf can grow and develop a positive self-image. Thank You! #CS5711


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