Communicating effectively with a deaf person

For a hearing impaired person, as important as solving or alleviating their deafness, is their inclusion in society, is to be able to communicate with other non-deaf people. One of the ways of communication with deaf people is using the American Sign Language (ASL). It is common to see on television an interpreter of ASL… Continue reading Communicating effectively with a deaf person


Switched At Birth – A TV Show in American Sign Language

Switched at Birth is a television show that has truly brought American Sign Language and Deaf Culture into the living rooms of today’s generation. It is the first television show to feature several deaf actors/characters and entire scenes shot using only ASL. Switched at Birth is about two teen girls and their families who come to… Continue reading Switched At Birth – A TV Show in American Sign Language

7 Things You Should Know About Sign Language

Different countries have different sign languages. Why should there be more than one sign language? Doesn't that just complicate things? This question would make sense if sign language was a system invented and then handed over to the deaf community as an assistive device. But sign languages, like spoken languages, developed naturally out of groups… Continue reading 7 Things You Should Know About Sign Language


My interest in the deaf world began many years ago, and I always wanted to know more about that new world. Every new study convinces me that deaf people are not disabled. Their only barrier is the impossibility of communication through oral language. They are capable of doing everything, even communicating, not by speaking, but… Continue reading Motivation

Breaking paradigms – They are deaf!

Hearing impaired, deaf and dumb, and deaf: what is the correct way to refer to a person who has a hearing impairment and who uses sign language? Think … Take your time … I think most people have been in doubt between the first two, and have instantly discarded the third option. Am I right? But I… Continue reading Breaking paradigms – They are deaf!